Yoga House Institute welcomes students and teachers of all levels.  Yoga House Institute provides
Retreats and Yoga Teacher Training.

To deepen your Yoga practice, Yoga House Institute (RYS) offers an in depth Yoga Teacher Training
Course certified through the Yoga Alliance.  This unique Hatha yoga certification provides you with a
balanced training that weaves together the discipline of proper alignment and the heart of Yoga House
mindfulness in motion. Learn technical skills and how to access “the teacher within” in a friendly,
disciplined environment.  

Experience one of our Yoga Retreats.  Under Dulan mountain, facing the Pacific Ocean.  Embraced
with nature.  Combine Yoga practice and a healthy diet.  Get away for the busy life to reconnect with
yourself.  Look inward to balance you body and mind.  Experience this culture of the East Coast of
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